How was the Medieval scenary? 

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Medieval scenery is based on area and time period.



England/ Ireland- white limestone and the Irish blue stone, separate, high and large structures which sometimes contain a surrounding moat. Castles in this area are almost always situated on hills, mountains, and at coastal lines.

Italy/ Spain/ Eastern France- Red brick patterned lines in gray stone, lower lying fortress as city center of other buildings, multiple surrounding walls with towers. There are less hills, depnding on area, and the fortresses are not built on the basis of surrounding geography.


Up to the late 1300's, leather, fire-hardened armor was used with iron weaponry. After this, metal work advanced and metal armor began to be used.

Colors: The most common colors used in tapestries and manuscripts were red, blue, and black. The blue used is a very bright cobalt and the red is almost always slightly orangish. Coat of arms were usually done in blue, except those of royalty which must contain gold or purple.