Galileo Questions and Answers
by Bertolt Brecht

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How was the Little Monk right about his parents being in danger of Galileo's new theories? From the play of Galileo by Brecht

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The irony here is that even though the Little Monk warns his parents about the dangers of Galileo's radical theories, the Little Monk becomes entranced by the truth of those theories as well. 

Near the beginning of the play, the Little Monk has a good point:  the danger of revealing such a "radical" theory that the earth travels around the sun.  The Little Monk has poor parents who are devout Roman Catholics.  Their one comfort is their faith in God and their believe in the one true Church. The...

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sheena-writes | Student

In Brecht's Life of Galileo, the Little Monk's parents are peasants and devout Christians. Though they struggle greatly with poverty and hunger, they find comfort and hope in their faith. They believe their lives are being monitored and guided by a loving god, and that their strife is all a part of God's plan.

Galileo's theory that the sun revolves around the Earth (and is therefore not the center of the universe) calls God and the Christian faith into question. The Little Monk is worried not because he doubts the validity of Galileo's theories, but because he fears these revelations will cause his parents to feel hopeless. 

Without the belief that there is a god, the Little Monk's parents will see their toils, struggles, hunger and difficult lives as meaningless. They will realize that their suffering will lead to no greater purpose or reward.