How was life after the Louisiana Purchase?

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Life continued to move forward after the Louisiana Purchase. President Jefferson sent the explorers, Lewis and Clark, to explore part of the Louisiana Purchase. They came back with geographic information and scientific information about the land we had just purchased from France.

Life in the United States continued to grow and develop. Many people continued to farm. Slavery continued to be important in the South. As the Industrial Revolution began, more people started to work in factories. These factories were located in the cities, leading to an increase in the population of the cities. The North was mainly industrial while the South was mainly agricultural.

Eventually, we began to develop the American System. We began to protect our industries by putting tariffs on products made in other countries. This helped our new industries grow. We began to improve our transportation system. The National Road was expanded and new canals, such as the Erie Canal, were built. We also developed our national bank.

The Louisiana Purchase helped our country grow. As our country grew, so did life in the United States.

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