How was the king treated after giving up his authority?

Expert Answers
William Delaney eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After turning over his lands and regal authority to his two daughters and their respective husbands, Lear began to sense that he was no longer being treated with the respect he was accustomed to. His daughters Goneril and Regan had gotten everything by pretending that they loved him deeply, but it quickly became evident that they cared nothing about the old man at all and considered him a nuisance. What they particularly disliked was having to provide for his hundred knights. They also regarded these knights as a threat, because Lear might try to reclaim his throne if he resented their ingratitude, deception, and indifference. So the two heartless, greedy women agreed to refuse to accommodate the one hundred knights. This and other insults drove the old king into such a fury that he disowned both daughters and went to live out in a hovel and then in the cold, stormy open countryside, gradually losing his mind.