How was Karl Marx's Communist Theory implemented in the Soviet Union under Lenin?

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The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital were the written accounts arguing that the history of humanity is the history of the 'haves' and the 'have nots'. It is purely based from an economic perspective and allows little interpretation from any other perspective. Marx's arguments were perfect for Lenin to promote and to some extent exploit. Karl Marx wrote what he wrote based upon his experience in Germany. This is not to say that similar experiences could not be had elsewhere, however Lenin did have an agenda, marry Marxist ideology with that of the Russian peasantry. Lenin implemented the Marxist political philosophy within the Context of the Russian Revolution, right down to the explanation of the 'temporary totalitarian state that would soon whither away.' The Communist Manifesto gave credence to totalitarism as a justifiable way to secure the greater good of the proletariet (working class) against the bourgeoisie (those who owned the means of production, dominate class) Lenin utilized this political tactic to secure the proletariet's loyality. It would not take too long for that proletarian group of people to realize that Lenin had his own agenda and was concentrating on his own brand of power. In order to fully understand what Karl Marx wrote and what Lenin turned it into, is to know that ideology by definition is the way we would like things to be, reality is the ways things actually are. When Lenin moved into the Winter Palace previously occupied by the Czar, it is fair to say...ideology was replaced by reality!!!!!

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In order to understand this question you need to know background about the Communist Manifesto.  It examines oppression felt by middle and lower classes.  It analyzes the best way to govern so that the workers of the world could receive what they needed.  It had the fights of the proletariat (lower classes) and the bourgeoisie (upper classes). 

Lenin was able to use the Communist Manifesto to incite the workers to support the communist system.  It became the bible that they would use as the base of their government philosophy.  Lenin is quoted saying “This little booklet is worth whole volumes:  to this day its spirit inspires and guides the entire organized and fighting proletariat of the civilized world” (Sewell par. 9).

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