How was the Industrial Revolution a shift for European society?

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Industrial Revolution caused a shift for European society in many different ways. The two biggest shifts were in the urbanization of Europe and the effects this produced. Let me explain.

First, the Industrial Revolution caused a massive shift of population into cities. Up to the Industrial Revolution, most of the population lived in rural areas and cities were not huge. But with the advent of manufacturing and the opening of factories, more and more people were needed. This caused cities to balloon. More jobs were found in cities and this attracted people. For instance, during the Industrial Revolution cities like London became very large.

Second, another shift in Europe took place in the standard of living. With the Industrial Revolution, there was more wealth. In addition, because goods were mass produced, this gave people the ability to have more goods. In time, the Industrial Revolution would cause the standard of living to rise even more.