The Jilting of Granny Weatherall by Katherine Anne Porter

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In "The Jilting of Granny Weatherall," how is Granny Weatherall jilted for a second time?

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Granny Weatherall is first jilted by George many years before when he fails to show up for their wedding. On this occasion, she was left alone with a priest and it leaves an indelible mark on her. Throughout the story, Granny—now aged significantly—continues to be haunted by the incident. She thinks over and over again about George, and tries to reassure herself by thinking of her husband Jimmy. She also comforts herself with religion, saying at one point:

"God, for all my life I thank Thee. Without Thee, my God, I could never have done it. Hail, Mary, full of grace. "

In the present, Granny is dying, and she struggles to communicate. Throughout the story, she tries to express various concerns with the people around her. She wants to express frustration with the doctor, for instance. When she realizes she is dying, she recalls how she wants to give her daughter an amethyst set and other unfinished tasks that she will now be unable to do. Granny Weatherall is...

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