How was the government in colonial New Jersey (the middle colonies) established?

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mrkirschner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

England claimed the land that is New Jersey in 1664 and John Berkeley and George Carteret were installed as proprietors of the colony.  They appointed Carteret's cousin as the first governor of the colony.  His name was Philip and he took the governorship in 1665.

In 1704, in an effort to re-establish control over the colonies, Queen Anne appointed the first royal governor of New Jersey.  His name was Edward Hyde and he was already the royal governor of New York.

In 1763, England increased pressure on the governors to rule the colonies in a way that showed greater loyalty towards England. William Franklin, who was royal governor of New Jersey at that time, remained loyal to England but was removed in 1776 after the colonists declared independence. William Livingston became the first governor of the state of New Jersey in 1776.