How was George changed after visiting his dad according to his work in All My Sons?

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George is significantly changed after visiting Steve in jail.  While together, Steve apparently tells George the details about the day that Joe instructed him to ship the faulty cylinders.  Steve claims that Joe knew that the machine cranked out the faulty parts and that he instructed Steve to ship them anyway.  Upon hearing this, George is incredibly angry because Joe has evaded his responsibility for years while Steve has sat in jail.  George decides that he must break up the relationship between Ann and Chris in order to save Ann from becoming part of a corrupt, immoral family.  George arrives at the Keller home obviously upset and angry, and from here, the tension increases.  During the visit, Joe slips on a crucial detail that he has used to cover up his guilt, and George picks up on it and uses it against Joe.  George tries to prove to Ann that she is making the wrong decision.

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