How was the final solution organized?

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The Final Solution was organized at a conference at Lake Wansee Resort just outside Berlin. Previous discussions had been had about deporting Jews to Israel, or even to Madagascar. A number were incarcerated but released on condition that they leave the country. When none of these methods seemed to rid Germany of Jews, the decision was made to exterminate them. Adolf Eichmann was placed in charge of extermination camps; and Henrich Himmler was the direct commandant. Work camps were located in Germany; but all extermination camps were located outside Germany, primarily in Poland. There is considerable thought that the German people, who were not the best friends of Jews, would not have stood for this horrific method were they aware of what was really going on.

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The implementation of the Final Solution brought about the slaughtering of millions of Jews. Heavily armed mobile killing squads were used to eliminate all undesirable elements, including the Jews, in German-occupied territories. The Germans sought to exploit as much as possible what all these victims had materially before getting rid of them. People were stripped in masses, humiliated and intimidated so as to prevent them fighting back before being gunned down. As it became increasingly clear that there were simply too many Jews to be killed through the mobile squads, the Germans turned to an extreme policy of mass extermination and industrial killing through the establishment of death camps to get rid of the Jews. Such an aim was singled out as the top national priority - Jews were rounded up, transported to factories, where an industrial scale of technology was to be used to kill them all. The technological breakthrough was to use rat poison to kill the Jews in large numbers, which greatly increased the numbers that could be eliminated. Corpses were cremated and buried in mass pits by prisoners to relieve the strain on German manpower. 

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