Feast Of Lupercal

Describe the celebration of feast of Lupercal in Julius Casear

What kind of decorations and food, and where was it mainly located?

minibezon | Student

Specifically in Julius Caesar, the feast of Lupercal is celebrated by the townspeople in the following ways:

-People break from their jobs

-People walk through the streets celebrating Caesar's triumph over Pompey

-The statues of Julius Caesar are decorated with flowers and delicacies

It was located throughout the streets of Rome.

revolution | Student

The celebration of feast of Lupercal was based on suspicion by some religious sort of people. This feast is in honor and recognition of the goddess Pan, the queen of fertility and also to repel away all the negative karma from the country, releasing health and producing more babies. During that period, females who aren't fertile are supposed to be procreate and fertile ones are supposed to bear more children. It is a time of gratitude and sexual glorification towards the gods for children (or more of them). There was also animal sacrificial, like goat and dog and salt meal cakes were burnt to celebrate this joyous occasion

a-b | Student

In the play Julius Caesar, the Feast of Lupercal was a fertility festival honoring Pan, and was celebrated in the Coliseum. One of the events was a foot race. There were also animal sacrifices and they ate goat. Wikipedia also says that there were ritual whippings.

smhaskovec | Student

The Feast of Lupercal was an ancient festival that ran from February 13-February 15 and honored Pan. It began with a sacrifice of two male goats and a dog. Following the sacrifice, young naked males were annointed with blood and given strips of goatskin, goats being a symbol of sexual vigor in ancient times. The young men would dip their goatskins in blood and run throughout the city striking young woman who stood near their paths. It was believed that those struck would be bestowed fertility. The feast is often believed to have evolved into Valentine's Day. (Being struck with goatskin to be cured of fertility is reminscient of Cupid striking with the amorous arrow.)

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