In Night, how is Elie's tooth removed?

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Elie and his father are in Buna working in the musicians block at an electrical warehouse. Although this life is better than other experiences that Elie has had (and will have) throughout the course of the narrative, Franek (the foremen)demands that Elie give him the gold crown that Elie has been able to keep so far. Franek initially offers Elie an extra rations of soup in exchange for the crown but as Elie continues to refuse Frank becomes more desperate. Franek realizes that the best way to get to Elie is through his father.

Elie's father has problems marching in the precision march that the prisoners are forced to perform everyday and Franek uses every excuse to beat Elie's father for his mistakes. Franek tells Elie that the beatings will stop if he simply gives Franekhis crown. In a tragic twist of fate, Elie must PAY the "dentist" to remove the crown with an extra ration of bread. The dentist extracts the tooth with a rusty spoon. Additonally to add to Elie's burden shortly after receiving Ellie's crown Franek is transfered to another camp and presumably gassed.

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