how was each expectation met and why

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Ironically, and in spite of it's title, no one's expectations come to fruitation. Pip expected to become a gentleman and marry Estella. Though he technically became a gentleman, he lost his money and his status when it was discovered that his money was ill-gotten. Magvitch expected to give Pip what he never had (status and acceptance in society, specially the upper class). He made Pip a gentleman for a few years only to have Pip lose it all when it was discovered that Magvitch, a criminal, was Pip's benefactor. Miss Havisham expected to have Estella follow in her footsteps and trample on men in hopes of rectifying the humiliation she (Miss Havisham) endured on her wedding day. Estella's refusal to hurt men at Miss Havisham's doing put an end to that expectation, and it was at this point that the reader learns that Miss Havisham's true expectation was to be loved and accepted; something she never gets. Hence, no one's expectations (no matter how great) were met.