How was Costa Rica involved in World War 1?I realize they declared war on Germany.  However, I do not know WHY or HOW Costa Rica contributed to the war.

showkatmedia | Student

Costa Rican President Federico Tinoco had his own reasons for declaring war on Germany. Tinoco had seized power in a coup and had been refused recognition by President Wilson. Accordingly to gain recognition he broke relations with Germany in Sep-1917 and followed this with a declaration of war in the following May. With the breach of relations he also interned all of the German residents - more to prevent their assisting his predecessor to regain power. This record did not help him, as the United States continued to deny recognition and even prevented Costa Rica from taking part in the Peace Conference.

During a sharp downturn in coffee prices during the World War I, President Alfredo Gonzales Flores handled the economy poorly creating an income tax and using the army as a heavy handed regime that shred the principle of due process and free expression.

During the world war 1, many Jews started arriving in the Costa Rica, which made the way to the formation of new Jewish community in this country.


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