How was the Cherokee tribe’s innovation and growth obstructed by the imposition of white control?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After the American Revolution, the Cherokee Nation came to be known as one of the "civilized" tribes of the Southeast.  The Cherokee were creating for themselves a very modern form of government and society.  However, this development was obstructed and indeed cut off by the American settlers and their government.

The Cherokee were in the process of making themselves into a modern  society.  They had writing and an educational system.  They had a national government with a constitution.  They had a modern economic system with farms and mills.  

But this development was cut off in the 1820s because of the white settlers' desire for Cherokee lands.  This desire led to the era of "Indian Removal" in which the Cherokee and other tribes were evicted from their ancestral lands and forced to move to what is now Oklahoma.  This completely disrupted Cherokee society, choking off their growth and development.

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