Who was Caspar Keller in relation to Helen Keller ?

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Helen Keller is the renowned inspirational deaf and blind American, born in 1880 and struck by an illness, presumably Scarlet Fever or Meningitis, at the age of only nineteen months. Despite being plunged into "silence and darkness" from such a young age, she went on to become a celebrated writer and champion of the rights of the disadvantaged - disabled people, the poor, women - and has motivated many people, to make more of their lives.

Helen's great-grandfather was Casper Keller from Switzerland who came to the US and owned several large tracts of land in Maryland, Alabama where Helen's grandfather would build a home.   

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Casper Keller was the great-grandfather of Helen Keller, the legendary deaf and blind woman who overcame a structureless childhood and the struggles of her disabilities with the aid of her faithful teacher and companion, Anne Sullivan. Through great discipline and education, Helen managed to become a prolific writer (penning a total of twelve published books) and an advocate on the behalf of labor rights, antimilitarism, and women's suffrage, amongst other causes.

Helen's grandparents were David and Mary Fairfax Moore Keller, and they were the ones to build the house that the Keller family dwelled in in Alabama after 1820. Caspar Keller was David's father. He hailed from Switzerland, but had immigrated to Maryland, where he purchased large portions of land and began the "American" branch of the Keller family. 

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