How were Britain and America affected by the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade?  I have to do an essay about this subject, and would like to know a bit more, and if any bad effects actually happened. Thanks :)

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It is possible to argue that there were some bad effects of the Atlantic Slave Trade in both the United States and Great Britain. The bad effects on the US were much greater and more indisputable than the bad effects on Britain.

We can argue that the slave trade hurt Britain morally. It led to a situation where the country’s economy was bolstered by selling human beings into slavery. If we believe that it is important for a country to be moral, this was a problem.  However, there were few, if any, tangible negative impacts on Britain.

The Atlantic Slave Trade clearly harmed the US in tangible ways.  It allowed slavery to become entrenched in this country.  The worst thing about that, in a tangible sense, was that it led to the Civil War. Thus, the Atlantic Slave Trade led to one of the bloodiest wars in American history.  The slave trade also helped to create the racial problems that we now have because it created an African American population that was weighed down by the legacy of slavery and racism.

In these ways, we can at least argue that the slave trade hurt Britain and we have no doubt that it hurt the United States.

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