Concerning the rise and interaction of superpowers from 1945-1962, how was the Blockade resolved?

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The blockade by the Soviet Union of Berlin was resolved in 1949 when both sides came to an unspoken understanding: The Soviets realized that the West meant to keep West Berlin non-communist, and the Soviets realized that America and the West had no immediate designs on overthrowing communism in the Eastern Bloc.

As for the blockade of Cuba during the Missile Crisis of October 1962, that was a policy designed for immediate effect, brinkmanship that put as much pressure on Castro and Khrushchev as possible so that a resolution could be agreed upon.  The terms were simple - the Soviet missiles left Cuba, the blockade was lifted (soon replaced with an embargo, however) and the US guaranteed they would not try to invade Cuba.

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I can think of two important blockades in this time and I don't know which you mean.

First, there was the blockade of West Berlin by the Soviet Union in 1948.  This blockade was resolved by the Soviet Union deciding to end the blockade after the British and American Berlin Airlift made it clear that the blockade would not drive the Allies out of West Berlin.

Second, there was the US blockade of Cuba in 1962.  This was meant to keep Russian missiles off the island.  It was resolved when the USSR ordered its ships that were carrying missiles to turn around rather than trying to pass through the blockade.

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