How was America's economy changing after the civil war?

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The American economy was changing after the Civil War. Before the Civil War, the South’s economy was almost exclusively an economy based on farming.  The South had all of the necessary requirements to do farming well. The soil was great. The climate was warm and mild. Much land was available for people to farm. After the Civil War, the South began to diversify its economy.  Farming was still important, but more industries began to form in the South. This made the South less dependent on farming.  Before the Civil War, the North had a lot of industries, fishing, and trade.  There was not a lot of farming.  While industries also grew in the North after the Civil War, so did farming.  More farming was being done in the North after the Civil War.  After the Civil War, the West also began to grow.  More industries moved to the West as the population spread westward and the size of the country began to grow.  Thus, our economy began to change significantly after the Civil War ended.