In The Good Earth, how is Wang Lung characterized? 

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Wang Lung is a character that is characterized by two major changes over the course of the book. The first of these changes is physical. Wang Lung goes from a man of the most humble financial means, a poor farmer who marries a slave, to an incredibly wealthy landowner with enough influence to properly educate his son and purchase a concubine for himself.

The second change is spiritual. As Wang Lung grows more and more preoccupied with the material, he gradually loses his connection with the earth, the very trait that defined him and gave him the ability to seek his fortune. Wang Lung is, at the core, characterized by a contradiction. On one hand, he is very humble, pious, and reverent in regard to tradition. These traits make him a gifted farmer. On the other, he is constantly motivated by increased wealth and status. While this seems in line with his character at first, it is made clear that chasing after wealth eventually robs him of the better parts of himself.

Wang Lung is a dynamic...

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