How are the various research tasks classified?. Explain. (7)My asked question is related with Research Methodology

krishna-agrawala | Student

Various tasks to be performed in doing a research project are classified in the following 8 tasks.

  1. Define research problem: this involves identification of possible problems or questions to be examines and selecting a specific problem for the detailed research. Once this is done the research problem need to be stated in clear and concise terms. This is called formulation of the research problem.
  2. Review concepts and theories including previous research findings. This involves reviewing the existing knowledge that exist related to the research problem by means of review of the available literature on the subject.
  3. Formulate hypothesis: Hypothesis is a statement affirming a fact that the research aims examine and establish whether the stated facts are valid. Hypothesis can be considered as tentative intelligent solution to the problem. It states in clear term the what kind of conclusions you expect to draw from the research.
  4. Design research; This step involves exactly how the detailed research will be conducted including nature of data to be collected and the nature of analysis to be undertaken.
  5. Collect data: In this the actual execution of the research work is undertaken. Detailed data is collected and compiled as per the research design. In terms of time and effort this step usually accounts for bulk of the total research work.
  6. Analyse data: The data collected is then analysed to understand the various aspect of the research problem and relationships between different variables having bearing on it.
  7. Test hypothesis: Testing of the hypothesis is the synthesis of all the research analysis done to test to what extent the research findings either support or oppose the hypothesis.
  8. Interpret and Report: Interpretation involves examining the implications of the analysis and testing of hypothesis on the the understanding of the subject researched. Interpretations also involves examining how the new understanding uncovered by the research may be useful for further research as well as practical applications. All the work done is then finally compiled in a report form. Usually the material to be included in the research report or thesis is prepared through all the stages of the research. However in the end all the material so prepared is compiled, any additional material required is added and the final report prepared and presented in a suitable form.