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How valuable is research in the area of sexual communication and what are people able to ascertain about what works and does not work in relationship?

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Communication is the key to everything.  It is our most important defense and offense mechanism. It includes verbal and non verbal communication. Sexual communication has the unique quality that it falls under both categories with equal importance in both. Therefore, research in this area is of utmost importance particularly in a world where the institution of marriage has continuously proved to be failing.

When a couple is truly invested on each other, they should consider all the wants and needs that they have. For this very reason, they should communicate those wants and needs either verbally (speaking up telling each other what they would want) or non-verbally (during the act itself, providing non-verbal feedback through specific actions). Research in the area of sexual communication would help a sex therapist with the right tools and interventions that may help a typical couple surpass any MIScommunication in the area of intimacy. Moreover, people are able to ascertain what works and what does not work in a relationship when needs are not met. This is what leads to unnecessary break ups that could have been prevented with the hep of a sex therapist who is versed in the most current research in the area of sexual communication.

A 1994 article  titled "Soul Mates" published in Psychology Today, quotes author Dr. Thomas Moore with these words

"The intimacy in sex is never only physical. In a sexual relationship we may discover who we are in ways otherwise unavailable to us, and at the same time we allow our partner to see and know that individual. As we unveil our bodies, we also disclose our persons."

This shows how important current research is. It does not only help us learn about the latest of what is known; it also helps us to understand the shifting tendencies of human nature--how technology, politics, the economy, and other social systems directly affect our behaviors. This occurs from the most basic demonstrations of gratitude up to the most intimate manifestations of attachment. When we can figure out what works or does not work is when we  stop to give place to exterior influences to dictate our personal choices. Hence, current research is always needed and appreciated to anyone who truly feels connected to someone else. 

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