how vaidhi use media as a tool bring about change in women in a conservative villagethis is from lesson gulabi talkies

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It seems that the writer has chosen the role of information through television and other mediums as the way that change is inevitable to Conservative settings in nations such as India.  As information and the means to receive it become more dominant throughout the world, the reality seems to be that conservative societies will have to determine how to best integrate these ideas into their own settings.  In "Gulabi Talkies," the television begins the process of bringing women together.  Some of this collaboration crosses ethnic or religious lines, as the Muslim Gulabi is able to forge a friendship with non- Muslim Netru.  The sharing of information over the television is the reason why these women begin to come together in this conservative village when the men are gone. This might be an example of how the media can serve as a rallying point for many in traditionalist settings, representing a form of power arising from "the bottom up."  The ending to the story might also confirm this.  The women who stayed away from this collective force for whatever reason enter Gulabi's home when she is gone in order to watch the television.  Yet, they do not know how to operate it and end up staring at a blank screen.  The fact that they can only look at an inactive television was a result of their unwillingness to collaborate and join with others.  Power in all settings arises from individuals being able to collaborate and work together, something that the media was able to provide in the story.  Those who did not partake in this display of power were unable to function in the modern setting without it.