How useful is coordinate system to simple orienteering or navigation?

najm1947 | Student

The co-ordinate system is based on a pair of two basic directions at 90 degrees associated with two opposite directions.

The pairs can be taken as:

        North & East associated with South & West

        Front & Right associate with Back & Left

The set of four directions correspond to the co-ordinate system (x,y) and (x',y') though to make the exact parallel x corresponds to Eas/Right and y corresponds to North/Front.

Instructions for orientation can be given very easily for orientation using any set of four directions. Any new position with respect to a reference position can be located very easily with the help of these sets of direction by specifying the distance by which the two positions are separated in North/Front. East/Right, South/Back and West/Left Direction.

For example we may say that the location B is 2km North and 5 km West of A. and this precisely locates the position of B with respect to A. The same method can be used for using the other set of four directions Front,Back, Right and Left for locating objects/places. Thus the coordinate system is usefully deployed for simple orientation and navigation.