How is ultrasound used in the medical field?

giorgiana1976 | Student
Ultrasound is a form of mechanical energy, high frequency sound waves outside audible spectrum of human ear (from 16Hz to about 15-20,000 Hz). In Medical field, ultrasound is used at:
- Non-invasive medical diagnostic
- Doppler ultrasound
- Three-dimensional ultrasound (3-D) with ultrasound processing in images  in 3-D space, or four-dimensional space (4-D).
Responding to the application of ultrasound:
- Thermal
- Mechanical
- Chemical.
All these effects of ultrasound are dependent on the dose of ultrasound! Ultrasound energy has the following physiological effects:
1. inflammatory response and tissue recovery,
2. restoration quality 
3. the heating of the soft tissues. Ultrasound energy is absorbed especially in tissues with high collagen: bone, periosteum, cartilage, ligaments, capsules, tendons, fascia, scar tissue, surface tissue.

Common use of ultrasounds for non thermal effect Facilitate healing of inflammations and proliferative phase   after soft tissue injuries (tendinitis, bursitis, acute soft tissue injuries). Healing of bone lesions = 1.5 MHz, pulse 20%, 0.15w/cm2, 20 minutes daily.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Ultrasound refers to sound waves with frequencies above the range of human hearing. Ultrasounds are used in medical field for creating images of internal body organs and of foetus during pregnancy using a technique called sonography.

In sonography, ultrasound waves are created using special electronic equipments , which are directed toward specific parts of body under which the internal organ to be imaged is located. The ultrasound hit the internal organs and are reflected back. By analysing the pattern of this reflated ultrasound, an image of the internal organs is created. In this way physicians are able to get images of soft internal organs which do not show up in x-ray images.

Sonography is used in medical field for many different purposes such as

  • To study growth of foetus during pregnancy.
  • To detect growth of tumours or other abnormal growth such as sarcoids and kidney stones inside the body.
  • To determine the shape and dimensions of different body organs.

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