How are titanium alloys used in milling?

giorgiana1976 | Student

First of all, a low cutting speed will reduce the temperature released in cutting process, temperature which could wear the cutting tool. The recommended cutting speed is in the between 30-80m/min and it's depending on a lot of parameters as:depth of cut, milling insert etc.

Not only a reduced cutting speed will decrease the temperature released in process of cutting, but using a large amount of coolant (internal and external) is also a "must" when machining titanium.

The temperature is rising also when the depth of cut is increasing, because of the longer time spent by the insert within the cut;so, the solution would be a suitable feed and cutting speed, accordingly to the depth of cut.

Another issue would be vibrations, so reducing them to the minimum possible is one of the most important thing in machining titanium. This thing could be done by ensuring rigid set-ups, smooth cutting path(each new entry in material is generating vibrations)and suitable operation parameters so that the result to be one of the most stable possible.

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