How is the use of Vulnerable, Mindful, Commendable, Equivocal, Harmful, and Imminent significant to the theme of the poem "House of Changes?"The poem is written by Jeni Couzyn.

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"House of Changes" is an extended metaphor in which the speaker's body is directly compared to a house of bickering women.  The women are all named above: Vulnerable, Mindful, Commendable, etc.  These are the names of "personalities" the speaker has personified as different women who all live inside her at the same time.  Clearly, the speaker views herself as a multi-faceted woman who experiences many different emotions.  These emotions are each so strong that they could be classified as completely different people.  They all live together, however, and though they may fight with one another, it is also obvious that they each have their place and purpose in this house/body.

I think the personification and naming of emotions is an allegorical way for the author to stress a theme of identity.  Each emotion is given a distinct description which seems to point not only to emotions the speaker feels, but to the different ways she copes with all of life's challenges.  I also sense an embracing of these different personalities in a personal way, almost as if each one has caused the speaker a different moment of success, happiness, pleasure, or movement in life.