How to use control chart to explain about Taguchi?have to relates to loss of society in taguchi method.

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There are different types of control charts. Dr. Walter A. Shewhart created control charts for Bell Telephone Labs in 1924. Control charts were created to study process variation. The basic control chart has a few characteristics:

“They contains a center line that represents the mean or average of the data set. They have an upper control limit (UCL), usually + 3 standard deviations away from the mean. They have a lower control limit (LCL), usually – 3 standard deviations away from the mean. Control charts for Attribute Data:  contain c,p and u chart. Control charts for Continuous Data: Individuals and Moving Range chart and a X bar R chart.”

The challenge is to incorporate Taguchi's quadratic loss function in the design of the control chart. This is done by redefining the in-control and out-of-control figures using Taguchi's loss function in the general model for the economic design of x. Both cases of increasing rate and constant rate will be presented and followed by numerical examples.

"In this formula, by minimizing S2, − 10 log10S2, is maximized. Recall that all of Taguchi's S/N ratios are to be maximized."


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