How is Ulrich's and Georg's reconciliation brought about?  

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Georg and Ulrich are sworn enemies. Their feud has been passed on to them by previous generations. Practically speaking, their feud continues to be a dispute over a piece of land. Ulrich's grandfather won a lawsuit and this narrow strip of land became his. However, Georg's family continued to poach on it and the feud continued.

When they meet in the forest, each man considers murdering the other. But fate intervenes and a storm causes a tree to fall on both men, pinning them to the ground. Both men are now stuck together in a "life or death" situation. At first, they still continue to threaten each other. After accepting that they are trapped for the time being, Ulrich makes the first gesture and offers Georg a drink from his flask. At first, Georg refuses. Then Ulrich adds that even if his men arrive first, he will not have them harm Georg. Ulrich then extends his friendship. Georg replies that it would be quite a story if they ended their feud. He then accepts Ulrich as a friend.

For a space both men were silent, turning over in their minds the wonderful changes that this dramatic reconciliation would bring about.

It took this kind of situation to force the men to consider the logic or validity of their feud. Faced with the possibility of death, together, perhaps they realized that life is too short to spend so much of it on inherited hatred.

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