How is Ulrich and Georg's reconciliation brought about and what happened when the men end their feud in "Interlopers"?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ulrich and Georg have long been enemies because of a dispute over land stemming from the time of their grandfathers.  Having hated each other even as boys, the two grow up and decide to confront each other in a final battle to the death.  Both men have a group of forresters to support them, but, in a twist of fate, end up facing each other alone before a large tree.  Before they can draw their weapons, lightning strikes the tree, and the two are pinned beneath it, helpless, side-by-side.  Ulrich and Georg exchange threats and counter threats, and both hope that their own men will find them first, and will release the one and kill the other.  Their situation of forced proximity and helplessness, however, soon leads them to realize the pointlessness of their rivalry, and the two resolve to put aside their differences and become friends.

Having made peace, Ulrich and Georg anxiously await the arrival of either of their parties, so that they can be rescued and go on with their lives.  Finally, they see figures approach, but it is not either of their parties.  Ulrich and Georg's long-awaited reconciliation has come too late for either man to enjoy it.  Both men will die, because it is not hunters who approach, but wolves.

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