How typical is Toy Story of its genre?  

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Pixar Studio's Toy Story was revolutionary upon the film's release in 1995 in terms of the studio's use of computer generated imagery. The film was a landmark and a number of other studios and films that utilized CGI technology appropriated some of the tropes Toy Story and its sequels helped establish. Obviously, the film's use of cutting edge technology contributed to the franchise's success. 

However, if we look at the film compared to other works of children's fiction, Toy Story incorporates a number of elements that are found throughout the canon of children's literature. For example, the film follows inanimate objects that become personified and magically come to life. This follows in the tradition of other tales and films such as Alice in Wonderland and The Brave Little Toaster. Additionally, the film centers on a rivalry that develops into an unlikely friendship, which is a common trope in children's literature. So while the presentation of Toy Story was novel for its time, it has many of the features that viewers expect of a family movie.

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