How does one turn "A Dog Named Duke," a story with almost no dialogue, into a play?

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The fact that Ellis' story "A Dog Named Duke" lacks much dialogue does not mean it cannot be turned into a play. One simply must be creative.

One suggestion would be to cast an unseen narrator who narrates the story over the actual acting of the play. As the narrator speaks, the actors on stage will do as the story calls. If there are moments where a character's thoughts are heard, the narrator can voice the thoughts for the character. When dialogue does emerge, the narrator stops speaking and the onstage actors can begin. In a sense, it would be like reading the story aloud and having the characters on stage act it out.

Another suggestion is to write dialogue into the play and offer the production of it as a translation or adaptation of Ellis' story "A Dog Named Duke." One needs to be careful in this in regards to keeping the dialogue as close to the actual storyline as possible.

isha2488 | Student

firstly ,mae a list of all the characters in the story.

secondly,try to convert the story lines in dialouges according to the characters

thirdly,keep on adding the characters name accordind to their role,in sequence.

fourthly,at first just prepare a rough work than try to remove all the mistakes you want to alter.

nikitasingh | Student

first you need to focus on the characters , and their scenes , if the story tells you somebody is greeting somebody else you should be able to portray that in the form of a dialogue . do scenes sequence wise and framing dialogues is very easy in that matter.