How are the Tuck's house and the Foster's house different in "Tuck Everlasting"?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Foster's house is organized and immaculately clean; the Tuck's house is delightfully cluttered and disarrayed.

The cottage where the Foster family lives is "always squeaking clean, mopped and swept and scoured into limp submission".  Winnie's mother and grandmother tolerate no carelessness, and Winnie is used to the atmosphere of order and dutifully kept organization.  In contrast, the rooms in the Tucks' "homely little house beside the pond" are covered in "gentle eddies of dust (and) silver cobwebs"; in the kitchen, dishes are stacked haphazardly "in perilous towers without the least regard for their varying dimensions...every surface...(is) piled and strewn and hung with everything imaginable", and the furniture in the parlor is "set about helter-skelter". 

Winnie is at first "amazed" at the thought that people could live in such chaotic conditions, but after thinking about it awhile, she decides that the Tucks' home is charmingly "comfortable".  In an unwitting reference to the main theme of the story, she first wonders if the family just thinks "they have forever to clean it up", but then she concludes that, in a refreshingly carefree way, that "they just don't care" (Chapter 10).

rlwebster85 | Student

The Foster's house is described as a "touch me not" cottage. The Foster women are known for their sense of order. The house and yard are kept in pristine condition. The house is kept tidy more for other people than for the comfort of the family that lived there.

The Tuck's house is very much the opposite. It is a part of nature and is situated in the woods, with a waterway close by. The Tucks have resided here for a long time and over that time they have accumulated lots of "junk" which is scattered throughout the house. Their house is obviously lived in and is comfortable.

theforce714 | Student

In tuck Everlasting the fosters house was clean read these passages I wroteFoster’s House:


“On the left stood the first house, a square and solid cottage with a touch- me- not appearance.” This was the Fosters house which appeared like the grass was cut gruesomely and it was enclosed by an iron fence approximately four feet high. Which gives you the felling move on we don’t want you here. The inside of the cottage was squeaky clean all the time. It was mopped and swiped, there was no procrastinating they made it a fortress out of duty. Behind the house was a forest the Fosters forest. It had the same appearance of the house touch-me-not but in a different way the house made you fell like when you passed by throw rocks and scream at it but the forest made you fell like you should talk in whispers.






Tuck’s house:


            The Tuck’s house was nothing like the Foster’s the Tuck’s has a mouse living in a drawer that was welcomed by the fosters there were only three rooms and a second floor there was a kitchen a parlor and a bedroom were Angus and Mae slept. The kitchen comes first. It has an open cabinet stacked high with plates in no specific order or by size. There was an immense black stove and sink. Every wall and sealing stacked high anything you can think of like onions, lanterns, wooden spoons, washtubs and in a corner was Angus’s forgotten shot gun. 

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