How is a tsunami named or classified?

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Tsunamis are giant waves that strike the coastlines of landmasses near convergent boundaries.  Tsunamis are classified by their strength and intensity.  A small movement from a convergent boundary will produce a tsunami of weak to moderate strength, while a major movement from the same boundary will produce a tsunamis of significant magnitude.  Tsunami are usually named for the landmass they impact, or city or town they inflict damage upon.  The recent Fukishima tsunamis that impacted Japan was named for the nuclear reactors that were overrun with salt water from the ocean.  Footage of the tsunamis show it reaching far inland, destroying houses, fields, and part of the Japanese population that lived there.  While at sea, it is hard to guage the strength of a tsunamis, as there is more room for the water to swell in.  Tsuanmis, in rough English translation, means "harbor wave".

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