How is Troy’s behavior an instrument for the suffering of others?

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Troy Maxson is depicted as a conflicted, selfish man who is still bitter about not playing baseball in the Majors because of racial discrimination. Even though Troy is fifty-three years old, he has not gained perspective on the world and refuses to recognize the changes in society, which is why he does not allow Cory to accept a football scholarship to attend college. Troy believes that Cory will experience the same obstacles he faced growing up and does not want his son's dreams to shatter. Despite Cory's enthusiasm and talent, Troy prohibits him from playing football, which causes a significant rift in their relationship and ruins Cory's dreams.

Troy's selfishness also contributes to Rose's suffering as he continues to carry on an affair with a woman named Alberta . Despite being married for eighteen years, Troy continues to cheat on Rose to free his mind and relieve his stress, which causes his wife significant anguish and heartache. Unfortunately, Alberta dies giving birth, and Troy is...

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