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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The proper treatment of human bites depends a great deal on how severe the bite is.

For minor bites, all that is needed (if anything) is to clean the area that was bitten and to apply ice to ease any pain.  Some over the counter pain killers may be taken.

For more serious bites, more serious measures must be taken.  First of all, if the person who has been bitten has not had a tetanus shot in the last 5 years or so, they must get a shot.  A doctor will typically then clean the wound and disinfect it.  They may then stitch the wound, although this is not always done because of the risk of infection.

readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Any type of bite and its treatment will depend on severity. If the bite is small, then soap and clean water might do the trick. If the bite is a bit more severe, then one might have to get stitches and go on more serious medication, like antibiotics. However, there are other considerations to think about. For example, diseases have been known to be transferred through bites like hepatitis. There may be other diseases as well. So, it might be important to get these things checked out by a doctor.  Then, there is the possibility of infection. If this happens, make sure you see a doctor.

mkcapen1 | Student

Human bites can be serious or minor and the treatment varies depending on the severity of the bite.  Home treatment of bites is often used for bites that are not serious in nature, but with any type of bite, human or animal, there is a risk of infection. 

For simple or small bites one needs to clean the area well using a topical cleanser.  Hydrogen Peroxide can be poured over the area.  If none is available soap and water can be used.  Apply an ice pack to reduce swelling.  One should continue to monitor the bite for potential infection.

For more severe bites one should asses if there has been tissue removed from the area of the wound.  If there has been, tissue should be collected and placed in a plastic bag.  If there is bleeding pressure should be applied to the area and maintained for at least 10 minutes.  Run cool clear water over the bite and go to a clinic or hospital to have it evaluated.

Disclaimer: I am not a physicain and information is provided as referenced by the following site.

giorgiana1976 | Student

Bites treatment varies depending on the seriousness of the lesion, location and mode of production of the lesion, because treatment of occlusive lesions bites  is different from the treatment of lesions arising from assaults with fists closed. Treatment can range from a simple application of ice compresses to the affected area until the wound toilet and surgical care. Measures are taken considering the seriousness of each case.

Home treatment

First aid in case of such bites is very important because by setting the correct and prompt appropriate antiseptic measures can prevent future complications of infectious nature.

First aid measures include:

- Local wound toilet (using appropriate disinfectants)

- Then careful application of ice compresses to the affected area ,with analgesic effect

- In general, these wounds do not bleed excessively, but, if the bleeding is present, experts recommend applying digital pressure (finger kept pressed) on the area, about 10 minutes (or longer if necessary)

- Another very useful and practical method is raising the bleeding area (if possible, of course) over the heart level. Thus facilitating the venous return and  drainage of interstitial fluid, and swelling intensity that accompanies usually such wounds will decreases.

Treatment of wounds and deep lesions, one of the first steps in this situation is the tetanus vaccine made mandatory. Then, the doctor will perform local anesthesia (with lidocaine) and under the effect ,he will explore further damages and will clean thoroughly. Effective washing area with hydrogen peroxide which is inserted directly in the wound.

Sometimes, before final rinsing, it can be used a local antiseptic solution. The surrounding skin is cleaned ,also. If serious injuries, when there is a certain amount of tissue devitalized, the doctor will make an excision of this fragment to lower the risk of generating an infection. Tissue excision can sometimes go deeper into healthy tissue.

Sutures: sutures of the wounds resulted after human bites depends on many factors. Currently, doctors avoid deep wounds sutured, because of them, there is a greater danger of occurrence of infection. However, there are areas such as face, which indicate sutures of wound after cleaning, evolution and healing inthe best way and infections occur less frequently, if surgical lesion are closing.