How is Tony noticing the passage of time in Chapter 3 of "Bless Me, Ultima"?

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Tony notices the passage of time with the rising of the sun in the morning.  As the day dawns, he realizes that "already the time of youth was fleeing the house which the three giants of (his) dreams had built on the hill of juniper tree and yucca and mesquite bush".  Tony luxuriates in the new day as he "lay(s) back and watch(es) the silent beams of light radiate in...colorful dust motes (he) (has) stirred up".  He "love(s) to watch the sun beams of each new morning enter the room...they make (him) feel fresh and clean and new...each morning (he) seem(s) to awaken with new experiences and dreams".  The morning sun provides a connection for Tony to his roots and his past, and gives him a sense of his own growth and burgeoning maturity as time passes with each new day (Tres).


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