How is Tom Robinson innocent (not just in the trial) in the book "To Kill A Mockingbird?"By innocent I mean like "the liitle girl looked so innocent."

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"Tom Robinson is a mild-mannered, conscientious black man whose kind acts earn him only trouble when Mayella Ewell accuses him of rape."  He is an "innocent" because he trusted Mayella, he even says he "felt sorry for her."  Tom never dreamed that helping this young white girl could get him into so much trouble.  Tom also demonstrates innocence when he trusts the judicial system to do what was right.  Tom never hurt anyone and looked at the world through the eyes of a trusting caring man.

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Tom is innocent because he is also innocent of mind. Tom is crippled so there is no way that Tom could have beat Mayella, but while Mayella was rude to Tom, Tom felt compassion for her and still tried to be nice even though she was the cause of his death.