The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

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How are Tom and Huck similar in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?  

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Tom and Huck are similar in several ways.  Both boys love adventure, although while Tom experiences adventure through his imagination that comes from romantic novels, Huck, a realist, lives his adventures.  Tom and Huck are also seasoned liars.  Not only does Huck lie his way out of situations he finds himself in during his journey down the river, he also lies and becomes Tom Sawyer in the final episode of the novel.  Tom lies about Jim being a free man at the end of the novel as well. 

Another way they are similar is they like to play tricks or pranks on others.  Tom hangs Jim’s hat on a tree branch one night when he and Huck are sneaking out.  Jim later thinks that a witch hung it there.  Huck plays pranks on Jim all along the river.  He puts a snake skin under Jim’s blanket, he pretends to get lost in the fog, and he tricks Jim into thinking he’s going to shore to see where they are on the river but really intends on turning Jim in as a runaway slave.

Both boys also like to tell “whoppers,” as Twain would call them. They tell elaborate stories about pirates and highwaymen.

Tom and Huck are two boys who are typical for their age.  They want to experience adventure and have fun.  

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