How does Tom feel toward Jordan Baker?

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Jordan Baker despises Tom Buchanan and works relentlessly to get Daisy away from him, at least temporarily, by encouraging Daisy's affair with Gatsby. Tom, although unaware that Jordan is working against him behind his back, does not like Jordan but thinks he can use her. He understands that she epitomizes the unattached, independent modern woman, but he is both too complacent within his own machismo to perceive her as a threat and too self-absorbed in his own affair to pay much attention to what his wife and her friends are doing.

On the first occasion Nick is with the Buchanans and Jordan, she tries to interrupt Tom's pompous endorsement of a racist book, and he simply ignores her. Later it becomes clear that he has no idea Jordan knows about Myrtle and another fling he had years earlier. He vaguely thinks she needs restraining, saying "they oughtn't to let her run around the country this way," meaning travel to play in golf tournaments. It seems that Tom is happy to have Jordan staying in...

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