How to make a histogram in Word?

Histograms can be created in Word by going to "Insert," then selecting "Chart" and then "Column" as the type of chart. After editing your data in the cell cluster, remove the spaces between the bars by going to "Format Data Series" and setting both "Series Overlap" and "Gap Width" to "0%."

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A histogram is a type of bar chart for showing numerical data; however, unlike a standard bar chart, the histogram groups the numbers into ranges and doesn't leave any spaces between the bars.

One can create a histogram in Microsoft Word by following these simple steps:

1. Open up a new document.

2. Click "Insert" in the menu bar at the top of the page.

3. Click the "Chart" icon (or "Add a Chart" depending on which version of Word you're using).

4. Select "Column" from the menu of chart types.

5.) A bar chart will appear in the Word document with sample data already inserted. A cluster of cells that resembles an Excel document will also appear. Simply edit the data in the cell cluster to whatever you want. You can insert numbers to be represented by the height of the columns and change names and titles in the X and Y axes.

6.) Close out of the cell cluster to reveal your bar chart, which will now display your data reflected in the columns.

7.) To remove the spaces between the bars so that you have a true histogram, right click on any bar and choose "Format Data Series..."

8.) Set both the "Series Overlap" and "Gap Width" functions to "0%." Then close out of this sub-menu.

You now have a histogram in your Word document.

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