What is the simplest way to write a Works Cited Page for an anthology? What's a simple, clear example?

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are some variables that I can't account for based on your question. Are you doing MLA format?  APA?  Something else?  Are you trying to cite the entire anthology or just a section of it?  The format changes a bit then.  

If it's the entire anthology in MLA format, the format is as follows.  

List the editor(s) followed by a comma and "ed." If there are multiple editors, "eds." Then write the title in italics and a period. Then include the city of publication and a colon. Then list the publisher and add a comma. Write the year the anthology was published and a period. Then add the word "Print" followed by a period (but only if it was a printed anthology, not digital).

If it's a section or piece of the anthology, then the MLA format is as follows. 

Last name, First name. "Title of that part." Title of the Anthology. Ed(s). Editor's Name(s). City of publication: Publisher, Year. Page range of section used. Print. 

scrate | Student

Start with the editors followed by a quotation "ed" and "a" or for several editors, "eds;" (for edited by). It is an exceptional kind of citation. For an anthology or group of references, to cite a specific piece, refer to a collection or anthology as below:

—Achebe, Chinua, and C. W. Barton, eds. Things Fall Apart. . Lagos: William Heinemann Ltd., 1958. Print.

—McCallum, Rachelle, ed. Frontier: A Collection of New Canadian Short Stories. Maple Ridge, BC: Polar Expressions, 2008. Print.