How is the title, "Burning Bright", relevant to its respective content?How is the title, "Burning Bright", relevant to its respective content?

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The title "Burning Bright" is the final part of Montag's journey of finding out who is was, who he is now, and who he would like to become. It is in this part of the novel that Montag decides that even if he is just one man he has to try and change the world he has been living in. One book at a time, one chapter at a time, one verse at a time, he will do what it takes to perpetuate the world's most important books. Montag is what is "Burning Bright" in the figurative sense, he and all the other rebels who have realized what is wrong with society. Montag has finally shed his dull censored skin and is now burning bright with a passion to perpetuate literature one verse at a time. Montag wants to live in a world that has actual happiness and sorrow and joy and love- not just the simulated version of those feelings and experiences. He sparks his passion in Faber as well, a man who hated the way the world was but believed there was little to be done about it. Montag comes to life in this part of the book.

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burning bright is refering to the poem the tyger by william blake. in the poem the tyger is symblozing fire in the novel fahrenheit 451. in the poem it is saying and asking who could make such a fearful beast like the tyger, this ties into section 3 of fahrenheit because montage throughout section 3 wonders and thinks how horrible fire is. this is similiar to what is being said in the poem The Tyger. check uot the poem and you will understand.

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