How is time used in the movie Run Lola Run? This is the 1998 German film originally titled Lola Rennt.

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Time is shown in the frame of the 20 minutes in which Lola needs to help Manni out with securing the money.  I think that much of what is featured the film is related to the Butterfly Effect, which states that small differences in a patterned sequence can result in large scale changes.  For Lola, small incidents help to set off a chain of other events which are all impacted by time.  For example, when she leaves her home after Manni's call, her encounter with the dog on the stairs helps to alter the events in each of the runs.  Time is shown as a constant variable.  Yet, what happens in it is dependent on the events and actions taken in response to them.  Very similar to the soccer game that opens the film, there are actions and reactions that help to define individual identity and action all on the canvass of time.

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