How is "The Tiger in the Tunnel" by Ruskin Bond a story of the extraordinary courage of an ordinary watchman?

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The Tiger in the Tunnel is a story of extraordinary courage because it depicts the strength of human resolve in the face of extreme odds.

In the story, Baldeo is the night watchman at the signal station; his job is to light the signal lamp and to make sure that there are no obstructions in the tunnel to endanger the safe passage of the night train. Baldeo courageously performs his tasks without fear, despite the presence of dangerous predators in the surrounding countryside.

Fearlessly, he ignores the rumors about a famous tunnel tiger, confident that he can rely on his trusty axe to defend himself. When he is eventually faced with the forbidding animal, Baldeo does not shrink from the task at hand. The author makes clear that the tiger is swifter on foot and far stronger; he depicts Baldeo as "puny" compared to the mighty animal. Yet, the author also describes Baldeo's determination to fight the tiger to the death, despite the incredible odds against him. In the end, despite Baldeo's brave stand, the tiger kills him. It is this indomitable courage in the face of terrible odds that makes The Tiger in the Tunnel a story of the extraordinary courage of an ordinary watchman.

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