How do the characters in Julius Caesar show that they are leaders by examples to their followers?mark antony julius ceaser brutus cassius

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At first in Shakespeare's Julius Caesar Mark Antony is not a leader of people. He is an athlete and a reveler staying up all night at parties. However he is devoted to Caesar, and Caesar is devoted to him. When Antony sees Caesar's body and asks a second time to hear the conspirator's explanations, he undergoes a change of character that is demonstrated in his soliloquy. He asks the conspirators for permission to speak at Caesar's funeral and it is here that Antony first shows any leadership.

In Antony's speech at Caesar's funeral he first identifies with the plebeian and other citizens listening to his words. he then mixes irony and flattery and factual evidence to enlarge upon what the conspirators have truly done. Besides this he expresses to the crowd that he fully shares their feeling and uses a dramatic persuasive style of speech that evokes their emotions to which gives notice by well chosen pauses in his talking. The persuasive power of Antony's speech is further empowered because some of his dramatic pauses are effected because he is overwhelmed by his own emotion. Thus by his sympathy and example Antony leads the crowd at Caesar's funeral to turn against the conspirators as the assassins they were.

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