How is Thomas Putnam responsible for the witch trials in Salem?

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Thomas Putnam and his wife play a significant role in perpetuating the hysteria surrounding witchcraft throughout the community. They attempt to settle old grievances by accusing innocent citizens of witchcraft. In act 1, Thomas Putnam encourages Reverend Parris to invite Reverend Hale to investigate the community and begin a witch hunt. Thomas Putnam, who resents Reverend Parris for being voted Salem's spiritual leader over his brother-in-law, hopes that Parris's reputation will be ruined and his title stripped once witchcraft is discovered in his home. Thomas and his wife also resent the Nurse family, who led a faction that voted against their relative for the position of Salem's reverend. Later in the play, they both accuse Rebecca Nurse of killing Ann Putnam's babies.

In act 3, Giles Corey addresses the court and accuses Thomas Putnam of using the witch trials to increase his property. Apparently, Thomas Putnam has been telling his daughter to falsely accuse various innocent...

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