How is this work relevent in the present day to day life?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that De Quincey's work is significant to present day life in its detailing of addiction.  There is value to the modern setting in how the work depicts the clutches of addiction.  De Quincey's exploration of a condition in which he cannot break free of opium addiction, but yet he cannot remain tethered to addiction are elements in which one can find modern day connection.  De Quincey's work has value because it details the psychological pain and suffering that is a part of addiction.  There is a dreadful condition of what it means to be addicted that is evoked in the work.  The challenges of a physical and psychological form of addiction is illuminated.  In this, there is modern day value.  Drug use is a challenge, particularly amongst young people, and to use works like De Quincey's as an example of the painful elements of addiction is powerful.  Similar to works like Selby's Requiem for a Dream, De Quincey's work goes to specific lengths to detail one person's struggle with addiction.  In seeing the potential for any drug use to devolve into such a condition, there is modern day value in the work.  People who struggle with addiction or are in the midst of experimenting with drugs could be compelled to reconsider their own paths after reading such a work.