The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

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What are the components of a horror story are in "The Tell-tale Heart" and modern stories?

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One major component of a horror story that Poe's tale certainly has is fear. The narrator is evidently so afraid of death that he cannot stand having a constant reminder of it: the presence of the old man and his "vulture eye." Vultures are, of course, associated with death, and the "veil" within the old man's eye is likely cataracts, a condition associated with old people, who are close to death. The narrator talks about hearing the death watch beetles in the walls and uttering mortal groans in the night, clearly fearful of his own mortality. What if I, the reader, should develop a similar fear? Could I too be driven mad by it, compelled to rid my life of any reminder of death, even if it amounted to murder? Or, could I be the victim of someone else's obsession with mortality? The narrator does such a good job of being kind to the old man's face by day while he plots the old man's death each night. Could I be fooled by someone like this, as well? Could a person so mad actually conceal...

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