How is this quote an example of redemption? "Earlier that morning, when I was certain no one was looking, I did something I had done twenty-six years earlier: I planted a fistful of crumpled money under a mattress." (chapter 19, page 242)

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During his visit with Wahid's family, Amir witnesses the abject poverty in Afghanistan and realizes that Wahid gave his children's dinner to him and Fahrid in the ultimate display of hospitality earlier that night. The next morning, Amir slips a wad of money underneath Wahid's mattress before he leaves. Amir begins his path to redemption by inconspicuously giving Wahid's family money. Amir slipping the wad of money underneath Wahid's mattress corresponds to his earlier act of betrayal as an adolescent when he placed his birthday money and watch underneath Hassan's mattress in an attempt to set him up. Amir hoped that his father will get rid of Hassan, which does not happen. However, Ali and Hassan are aware that Amir is responsible for placing the gifts underneath the mattress and decide to leave on their own. Amir redeems himself for his past sin of setting up Hassan as an adolescent by graciously giving Wahid's family much-needed money in the same inconspicuous manner.

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Amir retraces his earlier missteps by repeating an act which he had done more than a quarter of a century before. One of Amir's greatest sins had been the false accusation of Hassan for stealing his birthday money and watch. Amir had planted the items under Hassan's mattress where they would be found. His hope was for Baba to punish Hassan; instead, Baba forgave him. Amir repeats this act again, this time leaving money under Farid's mattress--a conscious decision that will both help the poor Afghani family and ease Amir's own conscience.

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